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Welcome on the neXtgen Povray Editor website.

"neXtgen Povray Editor" (XPE) is a graphical editor for Povray based on wxWidgets library. It looks like a modern code editor (Kdevelop, Netbeans, Eclipse ...) but focused on Povray. It is organized to optimise work-space and includes numerous features (nearly all those from povray's Windows version and many other extra-features).

"neXtgen Povray Editor" est un éditeur graphique pour Povray basé su la librairie wxWidgets. Il ressemble aux édtieurs de code modernes (Kdevelop, Netbeans, Eclipse ...) mais entièrement pensé pour Povray. Il est conçu de manière à optimiser l'espace de travail et inclut de nombreuses fonctions (à peu près toutes celles de la version Windows de Povray et de nombreuses autres fonctions complémentaires).

XPE is a complete rewrite of the old QTPovEditor project. It aims at being more flexible, more powerfull, portable(Linux, Win32 and Mac) and consuming less ressources than it's predecessor.

XPE est une réécriture complète de l'ancien projet QTPovEditor. Ses pricipaux objectifs sont d'être plus flexible, plus performant, portable(Linux, Win32 et Mac) et de consommer moins de ressources que son prédécesseur.


09.08.2009 : Release of the German translation by Heben

08.07.2009 : Release of the 0.9.5b version.

07.06.2009 : Release of the 0.9.5 version.

22.01.2009 : Release of the 0.9.4 version.

09.06.2008 : Release of the French translation by almich

26.02.2008 : Release of the Italian translation by Eblanca76

24.02.2008 : Release of the 0.9.3 version.

27.01.2008 : Release of the 0.9.2 version.

02.01.2008 : Release of the 0.9.1 version.

10.12.2007 : Initial version of XPE website.


  • XML based translation system
  • Auto-completion on CTRL+SPACE
  • Internal image-files viewer
  • Files explorer with external application support for non-handled filetypes
  • Javadoc-like documentation support
  • Povray files parsing with navigator display
  • includes direct acces by right click
  • ini files support
  • insert menu
  • rendering console
  • notepad, clock, calculator, open documents
  • configuration utility
  • retractable panels interface
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